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There are so many great resources out there. On this page I'll provide direct links to some of my favorite ones. Books and websites that I've loved and that I often recommend to clients. I hope you'll find them beneficial as well.

Some of these are affiliate links.

When you complete a purchase after clicking on them I will receive a small commission--at no extra cost to you. These small commissions help support the day-to-day functioning costs of this site and will allow me to provide free resources to you in the future.

I do not work for any of these companies...


I only promote items here that I love.

There are so many reasons I love these books...they are straightforward with real-life examples and practical ways to discover the primary ways that you, and each of your family members and friends receive and speak love. Originally written for married couples, there is a version for everyone and every relationship including spouses, parents, children, teens, singles, those struggling with Alzheimers, those in the military and even how to apply the principles at work!

Another invaluable resource that I recommend to almost everyone!

Practical examples throughout these books remind us that saying "no" isn't the same as being mean or selfish... These books empower us to set healthy limits without feeling guilty in all areas of life--physical, emotional and spiritual.

Christian parents and therapists, I don't know if I can praise these books enough for helping to shift paradigms and guiding us in battle on our knees for our most cherished relationships.

This site has a wealth of free resources to help understand and employ spiritual warfare tactics. The CPI (confidential personal inventory) really helps identify things in our own history where Satan might have a foothold. 

These are some of Neil Anderson's books that have proven the test of time.

Cynthia's book had me laughing out-loud, saying what a great point and sending my siblings a screen shot of the book to recommend it. As I continued listening, I gained so many terrific insights I can't help but highly recommend this book to everyone. It is relatable, humorous, encouraging and full of practical strategies to help you understand and positively motivate your strong willed kids. 

I have listened to Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs twice and can't say enough good things about it!

Rock solid, biblical principles. Practical, real-life examples and solutions.

Plus laugh out loud moments & memorable visuals (blue and pink hearing aids and glasses, oxygen tubes, etc.)

Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs have done their research and it shows!

There is a workbook to go along with the original book, a marriage conference on DVD, and they have begun adapting these principals to family life and parent-child relationships in their newest books.

I highly recommend Love & Respect and believe the information contained in it to be life changing...and relationship transforming!

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