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Hope and Healing at Home:

Build bridges with your kids and empower them for life with

Art & Christian Therapy

was the book that got this website off the ground in 2018.

Finding Hope:

How to cope with loss using Art Therapy

was the second book and was inspired by a

2019 Virtual Grief Symposium.

These books are meant to help you find hope and healing at home.

It is my prayer that they bless you and your family and that the books to come in the future will do the same.

Family Therapy
Grief Therapy

Kristen Vesbach


This book (Hope and Healing at Home)

goes straight to the heart of parenting.

It builds on experiences and spiritual truths, and instills hope around the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever face.

"Raising children in a hostile world is more difficult than ever before.  Apart from a biblical worldview it's not only difficult but impossible. That's why parents need the proper tools to help kids navigate through the murky waters ahead.

Jen Alward has masterfully addressed the issues confronting kids and parents in her book, Hope and Healing at Home.

As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, I highly recommend this book. It offers not only creative and fun ideas, but hope, healing, and practical godly wisdom to those seeking transformation and redemption in their homes."

Jan Russell Volkmann

Pastor's Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother

"Hope and Healing at Home is an easy-to-read, easy-to-implement how-to guide in building relationships within the family.

Delivered in an upbeat, positive manner, Hope and Healing offers families easily accessible relationship building tools from a Christ-centered perspective. You will find thought-provoking questions which are sure to provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations with those you love."

Brenda Henning


"Jen, thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful collection of health-producing thoughts from so many sources.

Reading it (Hope and Healing at Home) just makes me feel happy.
I feel understood and comforted by your personal insights,

energized by the fun and doable activities,

strengthened by your inclusion of God's words.

Every page fans in me that there IS HOPE for happier healthier families."

Nancy Long

Spiritual Mentor, Mother, Grandmother

"Hope and Healing at Home is

one of the most useful parenting books I have read!

Jen dives right into practical activities and strategies that any parent can incorporate to build a positive, more connected family where every member feels like they belong and can contribute.  She offers great advice for taking care of not only each other but ourselves too, as we do the most important job there is, raising healthy humans. I highly recommend it."  

Amy Herbst

Mom of 2 boys, Author, and High School Principal

This book (Finding Hope) is very well written and

an easy guide for anyone struggling with grief,

no matter what stage they are currently experiencing.

I found myself mesmerized in the various art techniques that Jen uses on a daily basis with her patients.

Each mindful art activity helped me gain a new perspective

on helping some of my patients move through the emotions of grief when they are “stuck.” This book will definitely be on my shelf as a resource and a guide to understanding and processing grief.

Heidi Pritzl


Jennifer's Alward's depth of understanding and clinical knowledge as a qualified psychologist (with over15 years experience) and as an art therapist sets this book (Finding Hope) apart. She combines the two to enable the subconscious to speak to the conscious and bring healing.

The range of exercises that she has designed to do this is

comprehensive and thorough but within the reach of everyone.

I highly recommend this book as a resource to use during the healing process. You may be amazed at the results!

Grace Bailey

Artist & Author

Grief can be a difficult subject to talk about or express.

This book (Finding Hope) offers many ways to start the process of opening up and working through all the emotions that are accompanied with Grief.

I love "Telling Your Story" and "A Time For Every Season."

I will be using the exercises in your book with a friend facing her impending death and the intense 59 days of inpatient treatment she is about to embark upon.

I'm excited for it to come out in printed form--I NEED this book in my hands!

Lynn Bonack

Artist & Spiritual Mentor

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