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Art speaks where words are unable to explain.


Need a little encouragement?

Are you at the beginning of a journey?

Are you trying to get back in motion towards your goal after a setback?

Are you grieving a loss?


There are so many reasons why we need encouragement.


We've all been there, in need of a little extra "cheerleading." That's why I designed these 13 printable cards for you, to give you a little support as you take the next step of your journey.


Just click the link and fill out the form. Then they'll be delivered, completely free, to your inbox where you can download them and print them in the size you desire.

Enjoy this gift & remember that every step matters.


Does parenting

feel like a hopeless battle?

  • Do you feel like you’re entering a war zone when you go home?

  • Do you feel like all you do is nag and yell?

  • Do tantrums break out every time you ask for help or about homework?

  • Do you fear that your child will hurt themselves or you?

  • Do you feel alone in the battle that repeats day after day after day?


You are not alone in this struggle.


Millions of parents are at their wits’ end wondering how to love their children when all they get are scowls and slamming doors. You’re concerned about safety in your homes when your child lashes out, without a moments notice, throwing things across the room, biting their siblings, kicking you and yelling, “I wish I were dead.” 


When holding your tiny infant for the first time, you never imagined asking:

  • How do I protect my child from harming themselves?

  • How do I keep the rest of the family safe?

  • How can I “get our child back”?

My heart aches for you and your children. The tension, the angry silences, the despair, the frustration and hurt, the bitterness and resentment you’re experiencing. You’ve been battling for so long, you’re ALL so weary and wondering how things got this bad. Yet, I know there is hope.

Do you believe transformation is possible?

Jen Alward & Pepper.jpg

Hi, my name is

Jen Alward.


I am a dually licensed mental health counselor and Art Therapist in Northern Wisconsin with special certifications in Christian Therapy. I have been a practicing therapist since obtaining my master’s degree from Notre Dame de Naumur University in 2003 and my first license in 2008.


I have done in-home, crisis, and outpatient therapy with children, families, parents and couples struggling with anger and emotional regulation issues. I’ve also helped those dealing with depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD, divorce, infidelity, trauma, bullying, and actions leading to legal involvement, etc. 

I’ve helped hundreds of families transform their homes from battlefields to blessings and I’m sure I can do the same for you.


That’s why I’m writing books and creating video content that comes to you, wherever you are with no long waiting period or referral process to navigate.

Amy Herbst

Mom of 2 boys, Author, and High School Principal

Busting the Boys Will Be Boys Myth

"Hope and Healing at Home is

one of the most useful parenting books I have read!

Jen dives right into practical activities and strategies that any parent can incorporate to build a positive, more connected family where every member feels like they belong and can contribute.  She offers great advice for taking care of not only each other but ourselves too, as we do the most important job there is, raising healthy humans. I highly recommend it."  

 This book goes straight to the heart of parenting.  It builds on experiences and spiritual truths, and instills hope around the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever face."

Kristen Vesbach


A Brush With Hope

Art Therapy

Are you struggling with loss and grief?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with emotions?

  • Are you feeling numb and lost?

  • Do you wonder how life can go on?


It  is not easy to experience the many painful emotions that loss brings up in our hearts, minds or bodies. Nor is it comfortable to witness others going through the intense process of grief. 

We need tools to help us face these dark and troubling emotions, to help us walk through the journey of despair to find hope…and to remind us that we do not walk alone. 


In Finding Hope: How to Cope with Loss using Art Therapy, you will find tools to help process this pain and find hope. These tools are based in Art Therapy and give more than forty creative ideas to help people of all ages and skill levels identify emotions, cope with pain, adjust to their new reality.


Would you like to discover peace for today and hope for tomorrow?

Lynn Bonack

Artist & Spiritual Mentor

Grief can be a difficult subject to talk about or express.

This book offers many ways to start the process of opening up & working through all the emotions that accompany Grief.

I love "Telling Your Story"

and "A Time For Every Season."

I will be using the exercises in your book with a friend facing her impending death and the intense 59 days of inpatient treatment she is about to embark upon. I'm excited for it to come out in printed form--

I NEED this book in my hands!

This book is very well written and

an easy guide for anyone struggling with grief,

no matter what stage they are currently experiencing.

I found myself mesmerized in the various art techniques that Jen uses on a daily basis with her patients.

Each mindful art activity helped me gain a new perspective

on helping some of my patients move through the emotions of grief when they are “stuck.” This book will definitely be on my shelf as a resource and a guide to understanding and processing grief.

Heidi Pritzl




Do I need to be a Christian or artistic to benefit from your services?

Nope, the great thing about these strategies for healing is that they can be used by everyone. Art therapy has proven helpful to people who don't even feel competent to draw stick figures. These books and videos offer a variety of exercises; some involve art, some involve prayer and Christian belief, some are about telling stories with photographs, some are about adding things you enjoy into your life, some involve writing, other speaking and listening.


There is something for everyone!

Art Therapy is versatile and transformational without feeling like hard work.


Do I have to use every exercise in the books to see results?

Again the answer is no. There are a variety of exercises explained so that you can choose the ones that make the most sense and seem easiest to implement into your life. The books, videos, and newsletters also explain how you can tweak the exercises and techniques for an even more personalized strategy with yourself, your family dynamics, and individual personalities.


Does this replace therapy?

In some cases, yes, in some cases no. These books and videos offer tools to help you gain insights into yourself and situation. These insights may prompt changes and improve things to the point where you no longer feel that therapy is needed. However, this the books and videos do not offer everything a face-to-face counseling session does. If situations are dangerous or quite severe you should seek emergency services and professional counseling. Implementing the strategies provided in these books and videos will likely significantly reduce the number of therapy sessions needed because they allow you focus on other areas or delve deeper into other issues in your therapy sessions. 


Are the books heavy on theory, like a text book, or do they offer practical information?

Amen, this answer is no! The goal of these books and videos are to give you strategies to implement into your conversations, personal and family life as quickly as possible. They give brief explanations of some aspects to better explain the reason behind why the strategies work and why the exercises are important and valid, but tare designed to give you practical information so you can put it right to use.

These resources are practical, designed to be put right to use.

To help you find hope and healing from the comfort of your own home.

I really like this idea of using art to help transform my life and relationships, can I work with Jen?

Yes. You can email her to schedule a personal zoom call to get personalized attention and have art activities designed to specifically address your areas of highest concern. These sessions can range from help with art supplies to better express yourself, finding clarity in your life, goal setting, processing trauma, improving relationships, finding new ways to cope with anxiety, family tension, depression, grief, eating disorders, self confidence, etc. 

Does insurance cover these sessions?

No, these zoom sessions are not covered by insurance. Insurance will only cover sessions at an office within the state lines of a therapists' residence. If you live in Northern Wisconsin (near Eagle River) and would like to see if your insurance would cover working with Jen at her office, please email her at Northland Counseling Services.

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