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Hi, my name is Jen Alward and I am so glad you stopped by! 

By profession I am an Artist and Art Therapist.

More personally I am a Christian, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, mom of "fur babies," and I am looking forward to getting to know you.


My goal in all I do is to add beauty to the world...

Art Therapist

I am a dually licensed mental health counselor (LPC) and Art Therapist (ATRL-BC) with special certifications in Christian Therapy. I went to college at Bethel in Minnesota and have been a practicing therapist since obtaining my master’s degree from Notre Dame de Naumur University in 2003 and my first license in 2008.

Art Therapy

I have done in-home, crisis, and outpatient therapy with children, families, parents and couples struggling with anger and emotional regulation issues. I’ve also helped those dealing with depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD, divorce, infidelity, trauma, bullying, and actions leading to legal involvement, etc. 

Currently there is more than a 2 month waiting list at our counseling agency, Northland Counseling Services, of people struggling with issues such as those described above.

I’ve helped hundreds of families transform their homes from battlefields to blessings and I’m sure I can do the same for you.

That’s why am creating video and written content that can come to you, wherever you are with no waiting time!


Each week I do a live video on Instagram and then send a newsletter to all who are signed up for it.

These resources are ever evolving and completely free.

I have also written two books, with more in the works, to share with you the strategies and exercises I see transform relationships and lives in my office day after day.




My first painting to be framed and hung on a wall was made in pre-school. It was a "Sunset" made by dripping colorful paints down the newsprint paper taped on the easel by my teacher. I went on to learn to value the tiny details in nature and capture them on camera with my Grandpa Bob Satran and then to learn how to draw perspective by a local artist, Mugsy DePuydt when he visited our 5th grade classroom.

Hours of my youth were spent tracing kittens and following along with those step-by-step "How to Draw a Horse" books. Then my very ambitious personality took over and I went full-board into pursuing a career as a neonatalogist, a doctor like my Uncle who cared for the tiniest of premies. Clearly I have diverted from that path.


 It took over 2 decades for me to seriously pursue my art again.

And I am so glad I have.

Milan Art Institute has taught me so much and as a member of the Art Club I am challenged monthly to paint something new which constantly stretches my imagination and skill level.

Our world is brimming with inspiration and beauty.

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